Northern Trade Group

25A Hansen Road, South,

Brampton, ON L6W 3H8


Skilled Trade Contractors


Safety Best Practices

JSA (Job Safety Analysis)

JSA's are performed onsite daily by qualified personnel and reviewed with all workers onsite to ensure that everyone is aware of all hazards.

Safety / Toolbox Talk

A different topic is selected each day, with workers, to discuss overall health and safety. We perform these talks each morning before work begins. Workers also review any safety concerns from the previous day.

Mobile Equipment Inspection

An appointed person provides a documented safety inspection before each shift. All employees perform a visual inspection before reentering any equipment, i.e., elevated platforms, scissor lifts, stick/articulating booms, forklifts, etc.

Safety Equipment Inspection

All Northern Trade Group employees and anyone working for Northern Trade Group will be required to provide documentation of daily inspection for any safety equipment before use.


Safety Training Practice

NTG provides all employees with the most current safety training.

Regular Audits

NTG performs regular Safety Audits to ensure all safety systems are in place and are being followed by all personnel.

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